Core and Date Material - Application for Use

Basic guidelines..

The cores are available to the project participants. Academic researchers having a sound scientific interest (research and education) can apply in writing to the Longyearbyen CO2 lab for access to sample material and/or data.

Sale of samples or data to consultants or commercial research institutions is outside the scope envisaged for the use of the material and is there for pro- hibited.

Steering committee

Applications are handled by the project and passed on to the steering com- mittee for their approval.
The criteria for a successful applicant are;

  • That the suggested project is of scientific or educational interest.
  • That the proposed work is original and not duplicated, hence waste of sample material.
  • That the results will finally become available to the CO2 Lab.



An application form is available on the CO2 web site (see link at the bottom of the page)


Handling of applications and sampling is cost -free.

However if extra work is incurred before or after your stay by UNIS personnel by special request for example; pulling or handling core data, sawing, plug drilling, data search, or any other additional help or advice, will be charged by the hour according to the hourly rates applicable.


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Project manager:
Principal Investigator:

Kim Senger

HSE leader:

Fred Skancke Hansen