Business Opportunities

Svalbard as part of the high artic frontier gives a unique opportunity to lend itself to research that has potential to benefit the industrial world.   

The Artic regions face high global challenges in a region sensitive to climate change, but high in natural resources.

It has been the aim of University Center in Svalbard as part of the “Longyearbyen CO2 Lab project” to forward the development and learning along the CCS (carbon capture and storage) value chain.

The Longyearbyen CO2 project has contributed to the global need for CO2 injection test sites. Through years the project while endearing to a strict environmental regime has learnt more about the local geology; reservoir qualities, CO2 storability and risks of subsurface leakage. This has aided the industry field data to develop reservoir models and simulate liquid flow.

The Longyearbyen CO2 Lab has prioritized high level field base university learning, and public awareness bridging the knowledge gaps.

The pilot project has paved the way for CO2 capture and storage in Longyearbyen, and knowledge building through further research.

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Project manager:
Principal Investigator:

Kim Senger

HSE leader:

Fred Skancke Hansen