The CO2 Value Chain – Educational material for small and tall.

In accordance with the CO2 Week held in Longyearbyen 29.04.13 – 03.05.13; sponsored by the Svalbard Miljøvernfond teaching aids were both sourced and produced.

The aim of the project was to design and implement teaching material around the CO2 cycle that could be used and adapted to all age groups. The material was to be used to show the full CO2 value chain from photosynthesis to global warming. Focus was placed on present day solutions to the global problem; alternative energy and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Here are a selection of some of the aids implemented:  

Early Learning      
Picture Cards - Recommended age 06 - 10 YRS - Norwegian and English
Photosynthesis - The CO2 Cycle - A game for small children 6+ YRS - Download game
Colouring Pages - Link to site
Activity books 8+ YRS - Energy Explorer by Allliant energy and Energy activities with energy ant by EIA
Dioxy Video - Dioxy episode 2 Norwegian Dioxy the movie English
Ebook;English, and Norwegian
Secondary School
6 A0 posters following the CO2 vaule chain - read more
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Project manager:
Principal Investigator:

Kim Senger

HSE leader:

Fred Skancke Hansen