Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why is the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in Longyearbyen so special?
  2. What are the requirements in order to succeed with this project in Longyearbyen?
  3. Why do we think the rocks around Longyearbyen are suitable for CO2 storage?
  4. Why can we store CO2 in the subsurface on Spitsbergen, but not on the Norwegian mainland?
  5. Why is the cold climate of Svalbard an asset in storing CO2 as a fluid?
  6. Where will the CO2 that is required for the project come from?
  7. How much CO2 comes out of a fairly modern, coal burning (combusting) power station?
  8. How much CO2 is produced by the power station in Longyearbyen, and will all this CO2 be captured and stored?
  9. What happens when CO2 is captured from the power station?
  10. Why is the volume of CO2 important and what happens if we cool down or pressurize the CO2?
  11. What type of technology can be used to capture the CO2 from the Longyearbyen power station?
  12. How much will the different parts of the project cost, and who will pay these sums?  
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Kim Senger

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Fred Skancke Hansen

: Fred Hansen