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Above: Drilling for the future

Photo by: Geir Ove Titlestad

Summary of P&A

Wells DH4 and DH5R have been identified as having natural gas under pressure (approx. 26 bars). Both wells are to be plugged 
according to NORSOK standards to prevent potential leakage of natural gas or CO2, should it be injected into the reservoir in the 


Wellheads at the Well Park in Adventdalen DH6, 7 & 8 were removed in 2013 – these wells are permanently plugged, as are the 
wells DH1 & 2 at Hotellneset in 2014. The area where these wells stood has now been reinstalled to its original state before the 
drilling program, as was requested by the local authorities (Lokalstyret).

The permanent plugging of DH4 has been postponed until 2015 due to a shortage of drill operators. DH5R is awaiting further 
inspection. Dh3 (403 m deep) is used as a monitoring well, with an installed geophone string frozen into the ice plug in the upper 
120 meters. The future of this well awaits the finalizing of work in the well park.

Injection and Pressure Testing

Step Rate Tests:  Tests the sandstone formation at 190 meter; to find  initial information about the sandstone formation proper-
ties before fracturing the formation.

Step plan forexample could be step rate test: 30, 50, 80, 140 and 200 l/min. Maximum pressure set to 100 bar if this pressure was 
reached before all the steps were performed the test would be halted at the rate equivalent to 100 bar. The duration for each step 
1 hour. When finalizing the last step the well would be shut-in for observation over a 10 hours period (2 x injection time).

Fracturing Test: Follows on from the step-rate test. High-rate water was injected (LOT) into the formation until the formation 
fractures. The aim; to find the fracture pressure. 

12- Hours Injection Test: The purpose of the 12 hours injection test was to verify the injection rate/ permeability of the formation 
after the fracturing test.