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11.  Abstracts and conference proceedings

Since the project began in 2007 the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab has given 98 conference presentations nationally and 

internationally. This is a list of internationally recognised conferences the lab has participated in going back to 2010.


Braathen,A., Olaussen,S. Braathen C., 2015. Exploring Svalbard’s subsurface, documenting CO2 storage capaci-

ty(poster ed.2) Climit dagen 

Braathen,A., Olaussen,S. Braathen C., 2015. Paving the road to a future, greener society (poster ed.2) Climit dagen


Ogata, K., Anell, I., Braathen, A., Osmundsen, P.T., Smyrak-Sikora, A., Husteli, B., Olaussen, S., and Maher, H. Jr., 2014. 
Syndepositional faulting in the Late Triassic succession of Kvalpynten, Edgeøya, East Svalbard. Congress of the Ital-
ian Geological Society, Milano 10-12 September. 

Ogata, K., Senger, K., Braathen, A., Olaussen, S., and Tveranger, J., 2014. Baseline characterization and modeling of a 
fractured reservoir for potential CO2 storage: the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab case study. Congress of the Italian Geolog-

ical Society, Milano 10-12 September. 

Fromreide, S., Mørkved, P.T., Gilbert, G., Braathen, A., Christiansen, H.H., Elberling, B., and Reigstad, L.J., 2014: Geomi-
crobial characterization of a 60 m Holocene permafrost core. Abstract, Extremophiles 2014, St. Petersburg, 7-11 Sept.
Kühn, D., Oye, V., Albaric, J., Harris, D., Braathen, A., and Olaussen, S., 2014. Preparing for CO2 storage in the Arctic – 

Assessing background seismic activity and noise characteristics at the CO2Lab site, Svalbard. International Confer-
ence on Greenhouse Gas Technologies, Austin, Texas, 5-9 October. 

Kühn,D., Albaric, J., Harris, D., Oye, V., Hillers, G., Brenguier, F., Ohrnberger, M., Braathen, A., and Olaussen, S., 2014. Mi-
croseismic monitoring of a future CO2 storage site in the Arctic (Svalbard) - Suppression and utilization of seismic 
noise. Geophysical Research Abstracts 2014, Vol. 16. 

International Journal publications Continued         







Farokhpoor, R., Lindeberg E.G.B., Torsæter O., Mørk A., Mørk M.B., 2013, Permeability and relative permeability measure-
ments for CO2-brine system at reservoir conditions in low permeable sandstones in Svalbard, Greenhouse Gas Sci. Tech-

nol. 3:1–17

Mørk, M.B.E. 2013 Diagenesis and quartz cement distribution of low-permeability Upper Triassic–Middle Jurassic reser-
voir sandstones, Longyearbyen CO2 lab well site in Svalbard, Norway. AAPG Bulletin, v. 97,), pp. 577–596 577

Oye V., Braathen , A., and Polom, U., 2013. Preparing for CO2 storage at the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab: microseismic monitor-

ing of injection tests. First Break, 31, 95-101  

Senger,K. 2013. Impact of geological heterogeneity on CO2 sequestration: from outcrop to simulator.  Department of Earth 

Science, University of Bergen and Department of Arctic Geology, University Centre in Svalbard. 

Senger, K., Roy, S., Braathen, A., Buckley, S.J., Bælum, K., Gernigon, L., Mjelde, R., Noormets, R., Ogata, K., Olaussen, S., Planke, 
S., Ruud, B.O. & Tveranger, J. 2013. Geometries of doleritic intrusions in central Spitsbergen, Svalbard: an integrated study 
of an onshore-offshore magmatic province with implications for CO2 sequestration. Norwegian Journal of Geology, Vol. 93, 

pp. 143–166

Senger, K., Tveranger, J., Ogata, K., Braathen, A. & Planke, S. 2013 Late Mesozoic magmatism in Svalbard: a review. Earth 
Science Reviews 10.1016/j.earscirev.2014.09.002


Braathen, A., Bælum, K.,. Christensen, H.H., Dahl, T., Eiken, O., Elvebakk, H., Hansen, F.,  Hanssen, T.H., Jochmann, M., Lie, T., 
Johansen, T.A., Johnsen, H., Larsen, L.,  Mertes, J.  Mørk, A., Mørk, M.B., Nemec, W.J., Olaussen, S.,  Oye, V, Røed, K., Titlestad, 
G.O., Tveranger, J., Vagle, K. 2011. The Longyearbyen CO2 Lab of Svalbard, Norway— initial assessment of the geological 
conditions for CO2 sequestration. Norwegian Journal of Geology, Vol. 92, pp. 353–376

Bælum, K., Johansen, T.A., Johnsen, H., Rød, K., Ruud, B.O. & Braathen, A. 2012: Subsurface geometries of the Longyearbyen 
CO2 lab in Central Spitsbergen, as mapped by reflection seismic data. Norwegian Journal of Geology 92, 377–389.  

Bælum, K., and Braathen, A., 2012. Along-strike changes in fault array and rift basin geometry: The Billefjorden Trough of 
Svalbard, Norway. Tectonophysics 546-547, 38–55.

Farokhpoor, R. 2012. Experimental Investigation of the Role of Relative Permeability and Wettability in Geological CO2 

Storage in Saline Aquifer. Department of Geology. Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Karoline Bælum. 2011. Geophysical and geological investigations of subsurface reservoirs - Case studies of Spitsbergen  
The Department of Arctic Geology, the University Centre in Svalbard and Department of Earth Science, University of Ber-

Farokhpoor, R., Baghbanbashi, T., Torsæter, O., Lindeberg, E. & Mørk, A. 2011:  Experimental and Simulation Analysis of CO2 

Storage in Tight and Fractured Sandstone under Different Stress Conditions. SPE 143589, 10 pp. 

Ogata, K., Senger, K., Braathen, A., Tveranger, J., and Olaussen, S., 2011. The importance of natural fractures in a tight reser-
voir for potential CO2 storage: a case study of the upper Triassic–middle Jurassic Kapp Toscana Group (Spitsbergen, Arctic 

Norway) in Spence, G. H., Redfern, J., Aguilera, R., Bevan, T. G., Cosgrove, J. W., Couples, G. D.& Daniel, J.-M. (eds). Advances in 
the Study of Fractured Reservoirs. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 374, 395-415 


Farokhpoor, R., Torsæter, O., Baghbanbashi, T., Mørk, A. & Lindeberg, E. 2010: Experimental and numerical simulation of 
CO2 injection into Upper-Triassic sandstones in Svalbard, Norway. SPE 139524. DOI 10.2118/139524-MS