Phase 3 knowledge building around reduced risk for CO2 flow

Key learning's:

  • Confirmed reservoir capability at 670-970 m depth, for storage of CO2
  • Rocks above reservoir with good sealing capacity, to keep the CO2 underground
Current focus on research into reduced risk for CO2 plume migration out of containment.


The CO2 well park in Svalbard has been singled out as a potential area for underground CO2 storage. The UNIS CO2 Lab project has contributed and continues to contribute to high level educational courses along the CO2 value chain. Through international conferences and journal publications the project group have shared their findings contributing to a global knowledge share in and around carbon storage. New research into key challenges in CO2 storage will use the well park as a base for experiments. Of special importance is knowledge building around reduced risk for CO2 flow out of the containment in the reservoir.

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Project manager:
Principal Investigator:

Kim Senger

HSE leader:

Fred Skancke Hansen